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Success Stories


I was referred to Tenold Chiropractic by my wife after I had suffered for months with severe lower back pain. I had trouble turning over at night and the pain was so sharp it kept me awake much of the night. I went in for my first exam and Dr. Scott T. found I had curvature of the spine that was way out of the norm along with bone spurs on many of my vertebrae. I have been to at least 25 chiropractors in several different countries over the past 35 years and much of my problem was there during this time, yet undiagnosed. I power lifted in the Marine Corps for many years and yet was self taught so I didn't lift correctly. I focused on the bench press while neglecting my back. The muscles of my chest pulled my back into a position where my spine was curved in a large hump. Dr. Scott tells me the norm for the curve of the spine is between 35-40 degrees. Mine was a 68. Scott gave me excercises I could do on my own to help stretch my back to aid the adjustments. After the first week, I no longer had any pain in my lower back at night. After six weeks, due to adjustments and stretching excercises, I noticed I no longer had headaches which for years I just thought was the norm for me. I have suffered with asthma for years which caused heavy breathing when climbing stairs or walking up hill. That too is gone. I also noticed that I can sing in church much better and hold notes much longer with no effort. Straightening out my spine has opened up my chest cavity and given me so much more lung capacity. Also, when I came to Tenold Chiropractic, I could not come within a foot of touching my toes. Yesterday I touched my toes for the first time in years. For years, when I ride bike or mow the lawn, by fingers and hands would become numb after about 15 minutes of contstant gripping with my hands. This too is gone. I went in for lower back pain and got relief in so many other areas I wasn't even thinking about. I just might be about an inch or more taller when all is said and done. Why no other chiro. failed to see the huge hump in my back I don't know. I am so thankful to Scott and Lisa Tenold for the care and concern they have shown me. The improvements are amazing and I look forward to more. They also have used electronic stimulation on my back along with a machine that helps increase movement in my spine. Awesome! The staff has become like family. Receptionist Vanessa is so pleasant and will work to get appointments that are easiest for me to keep. Donna and Vicki are so nice to work with. The entire atmosphere at the office is wonderful. The Christian music softly playing in the background is so relaxing. Thank you all so much for aiding in my many health improvements.


Neuropathy/Foot Pain

When I first entered the clinic I was experiencing foot pain. It felt like thousands of burning needles in my toes. In addition my feet would feel like they were swelling up to the point where it hurt to take my shoes off. I had been having these symptoms for years however it was getting worse.

Prior to coming to the office I tried acupuncture which did provide some relief but it was very expensive. I tried reflexology, numerous over-the-counter creams and the list goes on. You name it, I tried it. It wasn't until I started using the Rebuilder that I began to find some relief.

Before receiving care my biggest issue was sleep. Most nights it was like "flipping a light switch on" the minute I crawled into bed. Anytime I raised my feet it would trigger the pain. My wife stated it was common for me to yell at night and to scream to God asking for some relief.

While the issues have not gone away it has become very manageable. It went from literally 16 pills a day just for my feet to my current level of 7. I have many more nights of real sleep and the yelling (while sleeping) has stopped. I would, without question, recommend Tenold Chiropractic to my friends!

- (62 year old male)

Stomach/Digestive Issues

"Even though I had been seeing a chiropractor for many, many years, I had not seen such results in my body before I came to Tenold Chiropractic. I have dealt with two decades of stomach and intestinal issues and have repeatedly been to doctors and tried nearly every OTC medicine on the market. Within two or three appointments, Dr Lisa Tenold was able to adjust my body and give me education on how to keep moving in a positive direction. I have NEVER felt this well in my life. And though it will take time to keep feeling better and better, it has been incredibly freeing to be finally moving in a better direction with my physical health. It's something that's been on my "wish list" for a very long time. Thank you Tenold Chiropractic for helping me get well!"

- 31 year old female

Scoliosis, Headaches & Back Pain

I started seeing Dr. Lisa in February 2014. I have had scoliosis surgery (spinal rods inserted) and for the past few years I have dealt with daily headaches and frequent hip pain. Since I started seeing Dr. Lisa my headaches have decreased majorly and my hip pain has basically been non-existent. I am so thankful that I went to her! It is nice not to have to take Ibuprofen on a daily basis!

- (32 year old female)

ReBuilder (for Neuropathy)

Tenold Chiropractic really improved my quality of life by introducing me to the ReBuilder. I am no longer losing sleep due to tingling in my feet, legs, hands and arms. Previous feelings of numbness, tightness and sometimes, sharp “jabs” in my feet and legs have been significantly reduced. I no longer stumble due to numbness in my feet. All this, from using the ReBuilder. If you struggle with Neuropathy due to a health condition or accident, I would encourage you to try the ReBuilder. It’s awesome!

- (54 year old female)


I was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer on 12/12/12 that required me to undergo chemotherapy. One of the “possible” side effects was going to be numbness in the hands and feet. After my first chemotherapy session I noticed I couldn’t reach into the freezer without my hands hurting. After the second round of chemo I started to notice numbness in my feet and reaching into the refrigerator was painful . That’s when Dr. Cole suggested I try the ReBuilder. After a couple of sessions I was noticing a reduction in the neuropathy of my hands and feet. I was able to reach into the freezer without my hands hurting. I’ve continued to use the ReBuilder on a regular basis through my continued treatment and have noticed significant improvements in the numbness in my hands and feet. My oncologist was surprised I was able get through so many treatments in a row as most people stop early because of the chemotherapy induced neuropathy, but not me thanks to the ReBuilder. I was able to complete a 5K race in September of 2013. I’m a firm believer in the ReBuilderand will continue to use it in my daily life.

- (female)


I broke my leg back in 2008 and have a huge scar down my inner left leg from surgery. Ever since that surgery I haven't had feeling on or around the scar and it tingles and has weird sensations whenever touched. During my first appointment with Dr. Lisa I told her about this and she used 'Cold Laser'on my scar. That night I had about 95% feeling back with no tingling at all! I thought I would never have feeling back there again but Dr. Lisa and Tenold Chiropractic proved me wrong and I am glad they did!



I had a condition known as "trigger finger' in the index finger of my right hand that would cause my finger to lock-up whenever I bent it. I had talked to my family physician and was told it would require surgery to correct the condition. While visiting Dr. Lisa for chiropractic treatment, I mentioned the situation with my finger and she suggested we try Cold Laser treatment. After only two treatments my finger responded to the point that it no longer locked-up and now after a couple more treatments my finger works just fine.

I would like to thank Dr. Lisa for eliminating the problem and especially for accomplishing it without the need for surgery!

- (male)


I have been seeing Dr. Lisa since 2004 for sporadic back pain.

When I became pregnant in 2008, I continued under her care. With her help I had very few aches and pains throughout my pregnancy. I greatly attribute Dr. Lisa’s care to my ease of delivery of full term (39 weeks) twins.

When the twins were babies we had many problems with ear infections. We were at the point where our pediatrician told us if they had one more ear infection we should look into getting ear tubes placed. When I asked our pediatrician about chiropractic care, she told us to try it. We started bringing both boys to Dr. Lisa at that time, and haven’t had an ear infection since.

When I became pregnant again in 2012, I knew that I would be turning to Dr. Lisa again to help guide my body through this pregnancy and prepare my body for labor and delivery. When I found out that my baby was breech at 36 weeks, I was devastated to think that I may have to have a cesarean birth after having given birth vaginally to twins. I mentioned this to Dr. Lisa and she suggested we try the Webster Technique to allow the baby to move into a vertex (correct) position. After thoroughly explaining how this method works, she administered this pain-free technique at my appointment and we discussed follow-up plans to continue the technique to get the baby to move into position. Much to my surprise, as my OB appointment was the next day, we found that one session had worked! My baby had flipped!!

I couldn’t be happier with the care my children and I have received from Dr. Lisa and her staff. They are the picture of professionalism, care and kindness. I have recommended Tenold Chiropractic to anyone that is looking for chiropractic care.

- (31 year old female)


I was experiencing major back problems. I could not stand up straight, sit, or even bend over without hurting. You know the saying….walking like an old lady or old man, that was what I felt like.

I have had back issues for some time but never thought there was anything that could be done. One morning I woke up and could hardly stand up. I got myself ready for work and it got better as the day went on. The next day I got up and my back was not doing very well. By noon that day some of my co-workers suggested I go to a chiropractor. I had never been to a chiropractor before, had no idea who I should see or really believed they would be able to help me. Several of my co-workers were using Tenold Chiropractic, so I thought what the heck. My co-workers had nothing but good to say about all of the doctors at Tenold Chiropractic. I wanted to get in to see if they were able to help me. They did and my coworkers were right, they are all fantastic at their job.

Since treatment with Dr. Lisa at Tenold Chiropractic I’m able to walk without my back hurting me!

I feel wonderful. Night and day differences from when I first started. No more back pain. I've been going regularly for maintenance to keep myself on track.

If you are seeking a chiropractor, I would highly recommend Tenold Chiropractic. The staff is friendly, caring and wonderful! The Doctors are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile that you need.

- (52 year old female)


I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Lisa and her staff, to help me. I was suffering from shoulder and neck pain that was keeping me awake at night with frequent numbness and tingling down both my arms. I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tears in both shoulders.

I called Dr. Lisa's office looking for a chiropractor who used cold laser for treatment of a torn rotator cuff. I had some experience with this method and believed it would continue to benefit me. Dr Lisa talked to me that very day. She was trained and certified to use this process and would be willing to use this treatment on me. I was able to obtain an appointment the very next day.

Dr. Lisa developed a treatment program using cold lasertherapy within a multifaceted plan to relieve my shoulder and neck pain. She also recommended that I have an MRI done to further diagnose my neck pain. No other professional had suggested an MRI, even though I had clearly indicated my neck was very painful. The results were shocking to me. I had 4 herniated discs in my neck in addition to the rotator cuff tears in my shoulders. The herniated discs were surely a significant factor impacting my ability to feel better. Dr. Lisa was the only professional to diagnose this problem with my neck. I feel so lucky to have found her!

Once the results were in, Dr. Lisa explained that with the addition of cervical traction to my current program there was a good chance I would be able to correct the herniated discs and reduce the nerve involvement and pain. I was excited to try this plan and I am thrilled with the results! I can sleep all night without pain and the tingling in my arms is almost gone. I can move my neck without pain. My shoulders are so much better that I can exercise with weight bearing equipment 3-4 times a week. The results are outstanding!

Thank you does not seem enough to let Dr. Lisa know how much I respect her skill and expertise. She has literally saved me from undergoing an unnecessary and extremely painful surgery. It was my lucky day when I called Dr. Lisa to help me with my pain.

- (56 year old female)


I had been having a lot of leg pain and lower back pain, so my boss told me to check out Tenold Chiropractic Clinic. It was love at first visit. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I felt as if the staff really knew what they were doing and they were so kind. I was skeptical to try a chiropractor for my pains because I was afraid of the outcome. My fears have thus disappeared, and I look forward to every visit.

I no longer have tennis elbow pain and my lower back pain has disappeared. Also, I have not had one headache since my first visit. I have been living with daily headaches for years. I still struggle with bursitis in my hip, but Lisa Tenold has not and will not give up on me.

I would recommend this clinic to everyone, the customer service is great and the love that Dr. Lisa shares with her patients is a gift from God!

Best Regards,



I am Andy Steinke, a thirty one year old male who suffered a cracked facet joint in 1995 and has had spinal alignment issues since. In April of 2010 I started seeing Dr. Lisa at Tenold Chiropractic and we began attacking hip alignment issues. Through regular appointments and her advice and consultation on activities I am now at a point where not only do I feel recovered, but I have more mobility and flexibility than ever in my life.

Chiropractic care has been a vital piece of my health improvement. As I move to a maintenance mode, Dr. Lisa helps insure I maintain my alignment as well as helps me determine what activities to pursue and how to keep improving.

Tenold Chiropractic has become an important and key element of my own personal health care plan, and I am thankful to have found them.

-(31 year old male)


When I first came to Tenold Chiropractic Health & Rehab clinic I had extreme pain in my right shoulder when sleeping at night. I was losing a lot of sleep. I had significant pain going down my right arm which sometimes caused pain into my right elbow.

This pain began about 4 days prior to my first visit. I had tried sleeping in different positions, sleeping in a recliner and taking 800 mg of ibuprofen with no relief. A friend suggested that I visit Tenold Chiropractic. I had immediate relief on my first visit. Some of the pain would come and go for the next week and a half; however by the end of the week and a half my pain was gone.

Since receiving care from Dr. Cole I have been able to sleep at night without pain, even on my right side. I can shoot my bow without pain in my shoulder! Dr. Cole has also incorporated rehab into my treatment. We are strengthening some of the weak shoulder muscles. Through care it is like the shoulder has never had an injury (impingement).

This was my first experience with chiropractic and I would recommend Tenold Chiropractic. I would definitely see Dr. Cole before seeking a doctor with a knife!

- (male)


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